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Slate ad blocker BS

Slate has started plastering an alert over their home page on my first visit of the day: The fact is, I do not block ads. I see a lot of ads online, all day, every day (I see them, e.g., at Slate). I do use a tool called Privacy Badger to disrupt a site’s (and/or their advertisers’) […]

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Deep Throat plaque

In a metropolitan area full of history and historical markers, two plaques in Arlington, Virginia—just across the river from Washington, DC—are easy to miss. They sit a block apart in the Rosslyn neighborhood, consisting of office buildings, high-rise apartments, and fast-food restaurants. I passed them many times as a bicycle commuter before I stopped to […]

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Now we’ll post from the Kindle Fire. I’m sure it will work. Another colleague who was trying to help in my absence today mentioned that the post was going into the caption. So I guess I need to add a photo and a caption. Image uploading was a bit tetchy. I needed to add it […]

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I’m hearing that a colleague is having problems posting to my day job’s WordPress site using a Galaxy tablet and the web interface. So here I am posting from my Galaxy S3 phone, using the native browser. Let’s see if it works …

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Cars were stopping in the middle of Key Bridge this morning. Some people got out, others just craned their necks from inside. They were doing what the pedestrians and cyclists on the walkway were doing: watching the space shuttle Discovery make its ceremonial passes around Washington atop a 747 before heading out to pasture at the […]

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The Dell Inspiron mini, maddeningly, does not include a numeric keypad. This is what you need to enter so-called Alt-codes to produce special characters (e.g., ê, —, “). The workaround you see most often is to use the Character Map and copy-and-paste. Frankly, that sucks. You might also add an external keypad, but as one commenter online […]

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Will Occupy Wall Street be able to keep up the pressure through the winter? Well, that depends on a lot of things, and not just the weather. Even if enthusiasm remains high, you’ve got mayors and police forces to deal with. Among the innovative approaches OWS has taken, one in particular caught my fancy: bicycle-powered […]

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Steve Jobs died on October 4, and much is being said about him. There’s no doubt he was an interesting guy. Although I have never owned an Apple product, I don’t care to get into the hoary and endless Mac vs. PC debate, or offer a tedious analysis of what Apple once was compared to […]

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I had to memorize this in high school: (though not in this format).

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Smartphones are amazing in a lot of ways, but the sight of the 2GB microSD card was … well, almost ludicrous. I had a flashback to a 360KB 5¼-inch floppy disk, and the big old piece of machinery needed to read it and write to it. There are 32GB microSD cards out there, so we’re […]

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  • Proverbs for Paranoids, 3: If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.
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    ‘Is it about a bicycle?’ he asked.
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