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Random stuff from a recent brief visit to New York City … There seemed to be more bicycles on the streets than in years past. Two things set them apart from the DC variety: many seats are covered with plastic bags, and most of the bikes sport kick-ass locks and chains. A doorway on West […]

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A day in the life of Russia, 14 July 2011, courtesy of headlines in the Argumenty i fakty phone app. Some of the stories seem to have disappeared, so I can’t provide links. Попавший в реанимацию в Турции россиян доставлен в Москву | Russian resuscitated in Turkey taken to Moscow В Лондоне установили памятник Юрию […]

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I’ve watched with some fascination the arrival of bike sharing in the Washington, DC, area—and its continued growth. I now pass a half-dozen Capital Bikeshare racks on my daily commute, and on many days—especially sunny days—they’re either empty or almost so. The other day, I pulled up alongside a guy in a suit on a […]

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  • Proverbs for Paranoids, 3: If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.
    Gravity’s Rainbow

    ‘Is it about a bicycle?’ he asked.
    The Third Policeman