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Picking up a few loose ones … Armenia Back in August we heard about the incipient rapprochement between Armenia and Turkey that was to culminate in an imminent restoration of diplomatic relations. On October 10, after a last-minute dispute over wording was resolved with input (shall we say) from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the […]

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Ever since Willie Mays hauled down that drive off the bat of Vic Wertz in the ’54 World Series, running full-tilt with his back to the plate, I’ve had queasy feelings about the San Francisco Giants. It doesn’t matter that I was eight months old at the time. The team with the best record in […]

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Every time the Cleveland Indians baseball club makes it to the playoffs, a sense of unease sets in with the euphoria. It’s only a matter of days, if not minutes, from the time they step into the national spotlight before broadcasters or bloggers or commenters will decry the “racism” of the Indians name or, more […]

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It should come as no surprise that composers of music for motion pictures continually mine the classical repertoire, just as contemporary novelists grab whatever they can from the stocks of literature, ancient and modern. (Have you heard the story, for instance, of “a cultivated man of middle age [who] looks back on the story of […]

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According to

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The subject of passion arose recently in this electronic space, and it sprang loose a quote that I have yet to come to grips with, almost twenty years after encountering it as an epigraph to a book by Don Robertson: Passions are not natural to mankind; they are always exceptions or excrescences. The ideal, genuine […]

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Well, another month has all but slipped away. Make that: another year. My year, that is—the reckoning that began when I stuck my head out of my mother’s belly and thought: “Crap, it’s bright out here!” Moments later, a new thought: “Crap, it’s cold, too!” Actually, the story goes that I had to be dragged […]

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  • Proverbs for Paranoids, 3: If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.
    Gravity’s Rainbow

    ‘Is it about a bicycle?’ he asked.
    The Third Policeman