Who is WorldWideWeber?

Well, this much we know:

  • Lives in Washington, D.C.
  • Works in Arlington, Virginia
  • Born in Cleveland, Ohio
  • Raised in Mentor, Ohio
  • Graduated from the University of Chicago
  • Married an Armenian-American from Racine, Wisconsin
  • Helped raise a daughter, a 2007 graduate of Wellesley College
  • Has eight siblings—five brothers, three sisters
  • Is part Slovenian, mostly German-American
  • His Russian is excellent, his French not good, and he barely remembers any Latin

P.S. A Google search uncovers many, many WorldWideWebers. Too, too many. It seems that everyone with the surname Weber who does web stuff feels entitled to “coin” this moniker for themselves. It’s a shame. But since I make no claims to originality, so be it. WorldWideWeber I remain—one of many.

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