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From the You-Can’t-Make-This-Stuff-Up Dept.—headline, 28 December 2011: Police storm Church of the Nativity to break up brawling priests That’s the Church of the Nativity, in Bethlehem. Not Pennsylvania—the Holy Land. It seems the Armenians wanted to use Spic and Span, but the Greeks insisted on Murphy Oil Soap. Neither of which works as well or as […]

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Some guy at Slate went to a lot of effort to let us know the ten worst catchphrases of 2011. I confess that the only reason I looked at it was to see if it included an annoying tic I see a lot, especially in online comments. It almost always closes the anonymous burst of […]

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Alas, poor Hitchens. I knew him. We all knew him, in a way we rarely come to know other journalists and pundits. I’d also met him, but that doesn’t give me special standing.* He met thousands of people, and they will all lay claim to a piece of Hitchens. Even when he went off the […]

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  • Proverbs for Paranoids, 3: If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.
    Gravity’s Rainbow

    ‘Is it about a bicycle?’ he asked.
    The Third Policeman