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With gas prices rising with no end in sight, people are looking for ways to increase their mileage. In an article on techniques drivers are using to get farther on a tank of fuel (termed “hypermiling”), we come upon this: Hypermiling can even make fuel-sipping gas-electric hybrid cars more efficient. Chuck Thomas, 50, a computer […]

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The devoted reader of this blog will remember that its proprietor voted for Hillary Clinton in the DC primary. What the reader could not know (unless you know me personally) is that I declared Hillary Clinton toast soon after Super Tuesday in a private family discussion board where I dump the bulk of my political […]

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Here’s what I’m thinking tonight: People talk a lot. People talk about things they don’t know much about. People prefer talking to not talking. People start sentences before they know where they’re going to end. People assume other people are interested in what they think. People are as quick to condemn as they are to […]

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Ever since Willie Mays hauled down that drive off the bat of Vic Wertz in the ’54 World Series, running full-tilt with his back to the plate, I’ve had queasy feelings about the San Francisco Giants. It doesn’t matter that I was eight months old at the time. The team with the best record in […]

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As they have been doing for almost a century, Armenians around the world today commemorated the genocide carried out by the Ottoman government under the cover of World War I. In Moscow cars with Armenian flags drove in a column around the Garden Ring Road, but were prevented from entering the street where the Turkish […]

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It’s one thing to be slipshod and sleazy in your depiction of evolutionary science and how it is taught in American schools. You might bore the pants off the general public and piss off a lot of scientists, but you may make a few bucks at it. It’s another thing to use a copyrighted song […]

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  • Proverbs for Paranoids, 3: If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.
    Gravity’s Rainbow

    ‘Is it about a bicycle?’ he asked.
    The Third Policeman