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Greetings from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, where WorldWideWeber (or WoWiWe, as some like to call him) is gradually exchanging his usual subterranean pallor for a more robust brownish cast. He has not seen the “shark” that several others say they saw, so feel free to go in the water, if you happen to […]

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No comment: (I thought I was done with flags, but I guess not.)

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Well, the Germans have arrived. Five out of five comments in the spam filter today came from Deutschland. All for poker sites. I will say this for them: the comments were extremely terse, with only one link apiece. Chinese spam comments go on and on and on …

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A grieving mother flies the US flag upside-down. Anonymous neighbors take action. A farmer follows suit in support. He is charged with disorderly conduct. And he gets death threats. I wonder if such acts would become felonies if our militant flag-defenders had their way and got their constitutional amendment. Flying the flag upside-down, I mean. […]

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A young woman found an album of photographs under the carport of an abandoned building near the Orlando airport. It had been exposed to the elements and the snapshots were in varying states of decay. She took pictures of them and published them on a blog devoted to “found photos.”* It’s hard to describe the feeling one […]

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Pedicabs have come to DC: Kevin Clark—The Washington Post Currently the fare is $4.50 per 10 minutes of riding. No protection from the elements, but it’s a start.

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The other day I found myself whistling a theme from Scheherazade as I pedaled up the ramp in the parking garage, leaving work. And I thought, “Hm.” Not because I was whistling. First of all, the acoustics in the garage are very good. Second, I’ve always made music on my bike. When I did my […]

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I was exploring the hotels of Saint Petersburg on the web and found one called Brothers Karamazov. It opened in 2004 and has 28 rooms with all the modern amenities, including internet access. The hotel boasts four special rooms with 19th-century decor, each named after a female character in a Dostoevsky novel. (I don’t imagine they have […]

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I noticed a sign stapled to a telephone pole on the way to work this morning: WE HAUL EVERYTHING AND MORE! 703-555-1212 One assumes they do more than just haul stuff, not that they carry away more than everything. But one can’t be sure.

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Informed Comment is where one goes to keep up with events in the Middle East, courtesy of the indefatigable Prof. Juan Cole. For some time now it has consisted of a relentless barrage of bad news—an unending litany of suicide bombings, improvised explosive devices, kidnappings, murder, and mutilation; attack and retaliation; unreal rhetoric and very […]

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  • Proverbs for Paranoids, 3: If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.
    Gravity’s Rainbow

    ‘Is it about a bicycle?’ he asked.
    The Third Policeman